How To Find Internships For College Students In Nepal

College students in Nepal are constantly seeking internships. It can either be a requirement for their college or simply a way to gain work experience. Some students also want to earn extra by working as interns in various organizations.

Courses like BBA, BIM, BScSCIT, etc., require final-year students to work in companies as interns. They must submit an internship report at the end of the year. Furthermore, colleges also ask the students to give a presentation on their internship experience.

Students can choose the sector according to their convenience when applying for internships. But it has to be relevant to their course.

Internship in Nepal

College students are new to working in companies. They do not know how to select appropriate companies and apply for jobs. So, most of them struggle to find internships. As a result, they work for random companies and fail to learn anything valuable.

For some students, it is just a matter of completing the course. They seek an internship only to fulfill their college’s requirements.

In the past, students did not have many companies for internships compared to now. Banks and a few IT companies were the only options back then.

But now, with an increasing number of businesses and startup companies in Nepal, it is easier for college students to find internships. Yet, many students fail to find good internships because of their lack of expertise in finding them.

Why college students struggle to find internships in Nepal

Firstly, as we said, college students are unaware of finding a job. They have never done it before. So, they do not know where to apply and whom to contact. Finding a first job can be intimidating.

Secondly, they are not sure what they want to do. Students learn a variety of things in their courses. When it comes to finding an internship, they must narrow down and select one option. For example, IT students can work in software/application development, database management, web development, quality analysis, networking, and so forth. Similarly, management students can work in marketing, finance, accounts, HR, etc.

Lastly, many students are afraid to work. They have self-doubt regarding whether they will do the required tasks in a company.

How to Find an Internship?

The following tips will help college students of Nepal find internships.

1. Figure out what you want to do

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you want to do. Most college internships are at the end of the course. By then, you should know which field you would like to work in.

For example, if you are an IT student, do you want to work in software development, database administration, networking, or web development?

If you are unsure, you can consult your teachers about which field is best for you. Moreover, you can also keep the options open by choosing more than one field for now.

2. List out your skills

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What skills do you have? List them. It doesn’t matter if it is basic skills like word processing, communication, presentation, so forth.

Understand that most companies are likely to hire you because of your skills, not your exam scores. So, list all the basic and advanced skills you have.

3. Prepare a CV

Having a CV (or Resume) is crucial. A proper CV will help you land excellent internships. You need to create one that will impress your employers.

Here are some essential tips to prepare a CV:

  • Research online about writing good CVs.
  • The most important aspects of your CV are your skills and work experiences.
  • Write about your objective—what you are looking to achieve.
  • Avoid writing about your interests, hobbies, date of birth, parents’ names, blood group, etc. Nobody cares about these things.
  • Must include: Objective, skills, work experiences, education, and contact information. Also include projects, volunteer work, and achievements if available.
  • Some other essential (but not compulsory) elements to include are langauge and references.
  • Make it simple and one-paged if possible.

Most students don’t have work experience, which could be a problem. But, don’t worry. You can write about your skills, education, and college projects on your CV.

Sample CV for students without work experience.



4. Apply for an internship

There are different ways you can apply for an internship. But before that, understand that you have to work towards finding it. No one will come to you and offer you the job. Instead, you have to reach out to companies and people to find the internship.

# Search in websites

The best way to find internships is to sign up for job-seeking websites. There are several of them. Some of the most popular ones in Nepal are Merojob, JobsNepal, Ramrojob, Kumari job, Rolling Plans, etc. Create an account on these websites and search for internships in your relevant field.

Companies in all sectors list their vacancies and job announcements through these websites. So, you will likely find a job in one of these places.

# Reach out to companies directly

If you want to work in a specific company, reach out to them directly via phone call or email. Follow these steps:

  • Make a list of all the companies in your sector. Find at least 10 companies.
  • Check their email addresses and phone numbers from their websites.
  • Send an email application to all the companies saying that you are looking for an internship at their company. Don’t forget to attach your CV with the email.
  • Call the companies too. Tell them that you have sent your CV and request them to consider your application.

You will get rejected by most companies because they will tell you that they are not looking for internships at the moment. That is why it is crucial to apply for 10 or more companies.

If multiple companies contact you, you will have the advantage of selecting whichever is best for you.

# Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful online tool to help you find internships. Create an account on LinkedIn and complete your profile setup. Make sure you have the following:

  • A professional-looking profile photo. (Do not use a selfie, group picture, or vacation picture.)
  • Write a proper headline because that is the first thing everyone sees after your profile photo. (For example, Marketing graduate seeking new opportunities.)
  • Write a proper bio. Include a summary of your objectives and skills.
  • Select job preferences and enable notifications.

You can reach out to companies and employers directly as most professionals use LinkedIn rather than other social media sites.


Finding internships for college students in Nepal can be difficult. It is because students lack the experience in finding the right job. Further, they are unsure about what they want to do.

If you seek an internship, it is crucial to figure out what you want to do. Then, identify your primary skills. Prepare a CV where you will include these skills. Furthermore, add your education, achievements, and projects to your CV.

Lastly, apply for internships by searching for them on websites, reaching out to companies directly, and leveraging LinkedIn.

An internship can play a vital role in a student’s career as it is their first job. They will learn many things from working as interns. So, it is essential to find an internship in the right company.


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