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Your network is your net worth. I’m sure you have heard this statement before. Even though it’s cliché, it teaches a valuable lesson: Your success depends on how well you can connect and communicate with others. You must deal with people in your daily life whether you like it or not. Understand that people are here […]

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Habits create reality. What we do every day determines what we become. If you exercise and eat well, you will be in good shape. If you procrastinated in the past, you might not see any progress in your work. There is no doubt that you must incorporate good habits into your life. But what about

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how to save money as a student

As a student, you live off your pocket money. Your parents give you a monthly allowance, which you spend on your needs. You must spend the money wisely. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to survive the month without any extra money. Your target should not be to spend all your allowance money. Instead,

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Reading self-help books for students is one of the best ways to improve their lives. Students often focus only on textbooks and academic education. However, reading self-improvement books teaches life lessons that they do not learn in school. Every student must develop a daily reading habit. It does not matter if they read only a

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Students need to know about investing in the stock market of Nepal. Most students rely on their parents for pocket money. They receive their allowance for food, entertainment, and shopping. Some have enough packet money, while others struggle to save their monthly allowance. Kids are not allowed to handle large sums of money for obvious

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When you are a student in Nepal, you need pocket money from your parents. Every student’s pocket money might not be the same amount. But, many of them have to ask for money from their parents. If you are a school or college student in Nepal, you must focus on your studies. Additionally, you must

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College students in Nepal are constantly seeking internships. It can either be a requirement for their college or simply a way to gain work experience. Some students also want to earn extra by working as interns in various organizations. Courses like BBA, BIM, BScSCIT, etc., require final-year students to work in companies as interns. They

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