Easy Ways to Earn Pocket Money as a Student in Nepal

When you are a student in Nepal, you need pocket money from your parents. Every student’s pocket money might not be the same amount. But, many of them have to ask for money from their parents.

If you are a school or college student in Nepal, you must focus on your studies. Additionally, you must score good marks and pass your exams. Your parents and teachers will be proud of you if you do that.

Sadly, the students of Nepal are not taught about money from their childhood. Parents mainly focus on teaching good habits and behaving well. Additionally, teachers teach about learning and developing other academic qualities.

Students have to figure out money-making on their own when they become adults. A significant number of children only think about getting a job and earning money after graduating college (bachelor’s or master’s).

Students in Nepal need to learn about money and finance early

While it is necessary to focus on studies, students also need to learn about money. Most of them get stuck in the rat race after growing up because they only know how to make money by working at a job.

That is what parents, teachers, and most of society teach young students—go to school, get good marks, apply for a job, earn money till you are old, and retire.

It is crucial to understand how money works from an early age. Students must learn how to make pocket money independently rather than depending on their parents entirely.

However, we can see change happening. Young students today have found ways to earn money online through various methods like freelancing, blogging, and making videos on YouTube.

Easy ways to earn pocket money for students

Before we get into that, you need to get a few things clear. Firstly, you need skills to earn money. If you are skilled in any area, you can monetize it.

Secondly, you must be enthusiastic about learning. The more you learn, the more skills you can acquire, and the more money you make.

Lastly, you must have a growth mindset. It means that you have to believe in yourself. You need to understand that your past does not always determine your future. Instead, your present actions will significantly impact your future.

Below are six ways to earn pocket money as a student in Nepal.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is providing services to clients and getting paid for them. Unlike typical jobs, you do not have to work from an office. Instead, you contact your clients online and work from home (or anywhere you prefer).

As we said, if you have the skills, you can monetize them. Earning money freelancing requires skills. Graphic designing, content writing, video editing, SEO, social media management, web development are some of the popular skills you need to start making money online.

Here’s what you must do:

  • Learn a skill and focus on becoming better at it.
  • Apply for freelancing jobs. You can search on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. However, there is a lot of competition, so beginners will have difficulty landing a gig on these platforms. So, it is best to find local freelancing gigs. Search on job sites or LinkedIn.
  • Start working even if the pay is minimum because you are just starting. You can increase your rates as you become more skilled and experienced.
  • Important: Do not let your freelancing job affect your studies. You should be able to manage time for your job and your studies. Talk to your clients about your availability so that it won’t be an issue later.

2. Blogging

Blogging is also an excellent way to make extra income. Starting a blog is easy today. You can watch free online videos to learn about blogging.

  • Learn how to start a blog by watching free tutorials on YouTube.
  • Pick a topic (niche) you are interested in. Examples are gaming, books, technology, cooking, travel, music, etc.
  • Create content (articles) and share them online.
  • Drive traffic to your blog.
  • Monetize it with Google Adsense. You can also do affiliate marketing to make money.

Learn more about blogging here:

3. Making Youtube videos

Everybody knows about making money from Youtube videos. We can see many youngsters starting Youtube channels and making vlogs, tutorials, and other videos.

Youtube is a great place to make extra income. Since every house has a smartphone, you can film your videos on it and make videos for Youtube.

However, it can be challenging to grow your Youtube channel, especially if your content is not that good. Additionally, Youtube requires you to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch-time before monetizing your videos.

So, it can be challenging to achieve success on the platform.

But if you are determined and confident that you can make good videos, do it as soon as possible. Even if your videos don’t get views and likes from the start, keep going. Eventually, you will succeed.

4. Tutoring

A great way to make extra pocket money is by tutoring other students who are younger than you. You can provide tuition to school children.

You can teach maths, Nepali, science, English, etc. Pick whatever subject you are comfortable teaching.

Ask around in your neighborhood whether the kids need tutoring. Do it for a low rate at first. Start with one kid, and you can grow slowly.

You can also teach your younger cousins and kids of your relatives.

5. Working part-time jobs

Get a part-time job at cafes, restaurants, bookshops, clothing stores, etc. Most of these places would love the extra help. Some pay good money.

Look out for signs that say;

  • Staff wanted,
  • Helper wanted,
  • Salesperson wanted, etc.

You can also approach restaurants and shops directly and ask them if they will provide you a part-time job.

6. Selling old stuff

The easiest way to make extra pocket money is by selling old stuff. You must have a lot of unwanted things lying around in your house. They could be books, toys, clothes, home decor items, tech gadgets, etc.

If you haven’t used them or don’t need them anymore, sell them online. Hamrobazaar is a great website to sell your stuff. You can sell anything there.

But remember to only sell things that are worth using. Nobody will buy useless items. You can also repair broken products and then sell them for a reasonable price online.


Understanding how to make money from an early age is crucial. Students who learn that can earn extra pocket money. They will not have to rely on their parents every time they need money. So, it is good to become independent from an early age.

The best ways to make pocket money as a student in Nepal are freelancing, blogging, making Youtube videos, tutoring, working part-time jobs, and selling old stuff.

However, you mustn’t affect your studies in search of making money. Your first priority should be getting a good education.

Lastly, you must focus on building skills rather than earning money. If you can do that from an early age, it will be helpful for you in the future even if you don’t make any money at present. You can excel in your career if you have the right skills.


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