Guest Posting in Nepal: An Opportunity for Nepali Bloggers and Writers

Guest posting in Nepal

This article is about guest posting in Nepal. If you are a writer/blogger wanting to write articles, this post will help you learn more about guest posting.

What is guest posting/guest blogging in Nepal?

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is an act of writing a blog post/article for someone else’s website. It could be for a company blog or personal website.

These websites allow writers to submit articles related to the niche/industry. The owners decide whether to publish the article on their website.

Guest bloggers write articles on different websites for several reasons:

  • Get backlinks (external links) for their website, blog, and products.
  • Get more traffic to their website.
  • Build a domain authority.
  • Build credibility as a writer.
  • Connect with companies, writers, and other personnel to build relationships.
  • Obtain newsletter subscribers

Guest blogging has been around for a long time since the advancement of the internet. Bloggers wrote on their blogs and several other websites to explore opportunities.

The guest posting culture is increasing among Nepali bloggers too. Many writers submit articles to various national and international websites to write for them.

The benefits of guest posting

Every Nepali blogger should opt-in for guest posting. It is one of the best ways to build credibility as a writer and connect with more people in the industry.

Writing only on your blog has several limitations. Even if you write many articles, you won’t know if you are on the right path. Guest blogging will expose you to various niches and help you overcome writing challenges.

Usually, websites that accept guest posting have specific guidelines. Writing with these rules in mind will allow you to experience different writing styles.

Below are some benefits of guest posting in Nepal:

  1. Quality backlinks: Most websites allow guest bloggers to use one or multiple links of their choice in their articles. You can get backlinks to your website, products, newsletter, social media, or other articles. This will also improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimization).
  2. Increased exposure: Your writing will be exposed to a new audience. They might check out your work if they like your article.
  3. Credibility: You will have more work to show, which is good for your writing credibility. More people will trust you if you have written for high-authority websites.
  4. More traffic: You can get more traffic to your website using backlinks. This results in more website visits, conversions, engagement, sales, and income growth.
  5. Build relationships: If people like your article, they might contact you. Guest posting is a great way to connect with similar people in your industry.

How to submit a guest post for a blog in Nepal?

The first step is to be a prolific writer. Learn how to write articles well. Practice writing in your blog, social media, or free websites like Medium. You can learn more about blogging and writing in Nepal from here.

To submit a guest post, find out whether a website accepts guest posts. Usually, they have it mentioned on the websites. They have a “Write for us” page. Check appropriately on the menu or footer links of different sites.

If they have a “Write of us” page, read the guidelines carefully and submit your article accordingly.

But what if a website doesn’t have a “Write for us” page?

You can contact the site admin and pitch for a guest post in that case. See the website’s contact page; you will find a form or an email address. You can write to the admin to submit a guest blog post for their site.

Write for One Step Mentor

Our website accepts writers to submit guest posts. We encourage bloggers worldwide to write valuable content that will help readers.

Writers will also benefit from backlinks by writing for One Step Mentor. Our website receives good traffic, which can come in handy to attract readers to your site.

To submit your articles at One Step Mentor, please read the guidelines on this page carefully.

Our goal is to grow the culture of guest posting in Nepal and provide exposure to writers who are interested in writing but don’t know where to write.


1. What is guest posting/guest blogging?

Guest posting or guest blogging is an act of writing a blog post/article for someone else’s website. It could be for a company blog or personal website.

2. What are some guest posting sites in Nepal?

There are many websites and blogs that accept guest posting in Nepal. Writers can search for sites in their niche and check if they have “Write for us” sections. Some popular sites that accept guest posting in Nepal are ShareSansar, NepBloggers, OneStepMentor,, OMG Nepal, Students Nepal,, and more.

3. How to start guest posting in Nepal?

Practice writing for free websites or on your blog. Once you can write a proper article, search for guest posting sites. You can choose any one listed above. Then, read their guidelines properly. Submit your article accordingly.


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